Strata Services

To be sure that a roof will offer its best performance, and reach its expected life expectancy (and hopefully more), we offer our clients a professional roof maintenance and inspection package, usually twice each year, in Spring and Fall. We also suggest that quick inspections be made after significant storms to ensure that the roof hasn't been damaged, and that drains and gutter systems are clear. A Strata Corporation and its Council, under the tenants of the Strata Property Act, are obligated to maintain the roof (and all the common systems) A well-informed Owners' group will allow for a regular fee for the Capital Reserve Fund, in the annual assessment to each owner, to cover the cost of the roof's inevitable replacement. It is vital to have High Definition Roofing Victoria's reports kept on file to give the Strata Council a clear history of the roof's performance, and an opportunity to address minor problems that could possibly develop before becoming a major issue. Contact us by email at so we can book you efficiently