Eco-Friendly Moss Removal

At High Definition Roofing our Moss Division is dedicated to removing the unsightly moss and algae from your roof.  We do not use bleach, lye, acid, phosphates or heavy metals. Those hazardous ingredients can cause damage to gutters, windows, flashing, vehicles and other surfaces as well as to our environment. Our products are biodegradable, non corrosive and in most cases, do not require any rinsing, thus virtually eliminating the need for pressure washing which can potentially degrade your asphalt shingle performance, and your landscaping will not be compromised.

Our moss remediation technicians are trained as roofers first, making sure they are comfortable on a pitched roof, and that they understand the importance of roof safety.  They are able to recognize basic roof repairs needed that they may come across, and to look for things like loose flashings and exposed nails that may need caulking.

Manual moss removal is completed with care using a gloved hand, brush and tool.  Our gentle method of demossing causes no damage to your roof.  Gutters are cleaned out and debris is cleaned before treating the roof.  Our eco-friendly treatment is safe around plants, animals, and the environment; hitting the roofs surface as a white foam penetrating the cracks, killing the spores and moss roots dead.  You will notice that any of the remaining moss that was sprayed will be turning brown and drying up. This happens very quickly, within the first week after the treatment. The good news at that point is that the moss has stopped eating away at your roof. Now all there is to do is to wait for the sun, wind and rain to remove any remaining moss. With every day that goes by you will notice less and less moss on the roof until the roof is free of the moss. 

Your roof should remain moss free for 1-3 years depending on environmental conditions, and cleanliness of roof. A reapplication or respray, in some severe cases like carpet moss is necessary 60 to 90 days later to achieve optimum results. Many of our clients have us come back for an annual respray as preventative maintenance at a fraction of the original cost, keeping the algae and moss from coming back at all. The most important factor in this whole process is that after that first application the algae or mold will no longer be eating away at your roof shingles, so right away you have solved the biggest problem. Now you just need to wait until the rain rinses away any remaining moss and algae.

Maximizing sun exposure and keeping your roof free of debris will extend the period your roof stays moss free